Successful SMS Marketing

Everyone has their mobile phone with them all the time, so why not speak to your customers and prospects directly on theirs? It's more effective and cheaper than communicating with your customers in any other way - 95% of SMS messages are opened within 5 minutes of them being received and sending a text with LiveWire SMS only costs a few pence.

You don't need to download any expensive software and you can bulk send texts within minutes. Just upload your contacts, write your message and send.

We supply delivery receipts so you can track who's responding to your texts and you can also personalise your message with your sender ID so your recipients can see it's from you.

All you need to do to get started is sign-up. It's absolutely free and if you tweet about us using #LiveWireSMS we'll even give you a few credits to try us out before you spend any money.

SMS Mobile Image
SMS Marketing Image

Free Mobile Site Builder

Not only can you send SMS quickly and easily using LiveWire SMS, you can also build mobile optimised websites that link directly from your texts, absolutely free.

Our SmartPagesTM interface is the easiest and most intuitive web design tool you'll ever use. Simply drag and drop completely customisable page elements onto the pasteboard and generate your bespoke mobile optimised web page in minutes and link it to your text message. We'll even create a short URL and QR code for you!

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No ties, no subscriptions
and no expiry date

With our SMS Marketing Tool, you only pay for what you use. There are no ties and no monthly subscriptions. You simply purchase the amount of pay-as-you-go credits you need and then start texting.

And the best thing is, your LiveWire SMS credits never expire so you're not under any pressure to use them before you really need to.

Altogether it makes LiveWire SMS the best value, easiest to use text-messaging system available. Give us a try!

No ties, No subscriptions and No expiry date